by Lauren Rooney

Fall into fashion! From the runways to small town America, here are three fashion trends that we're seeing on the shelves and streets this season: backpack2

1. It’s back to school time so naturally backpacks are being featured in every store.  Thanks to the latest fall trend, however, grown-ups can now get in on the convenient way of carrying belongings and stay fashion forward in the process. Backpacks designed for adults are the latest craze but we’re not talking the giant cloth book bags worn by nervous new high school students but bags made of luxurious leather and adorned with hot details like jewels, tassels, and cute chains. Backpacks come in lots of sizes so they are a great option for traveling or to use as a purse.

An even greater benefit is that they are healthier for your body.  According to’s Article “Is your Bag Hurting your Back?”, “Wear a backpack. Backpacks aren't just for school kids anymore. The dual straps of a backpack are the best at evenly distributing weight on your body, and that's leading more adults to use them, Bautch says.”

Cute, fashion forward, and good for you?  What else does a gal or guy need? In addition to major retailors, here in Bucks County you can check out Luna Chick on 10 Swamp Road in Newtown and Holly Hill on 180 West State Street in Doylestown.  Both local shops are carrying the popular trend and confirm that they are going quickly!

2. Look for print blazers and lacey dresses, which will be paired with ballet flats in the fall and then easily winterized with the addition of tights and boots.


3. Need a great outfit for a special event this fall? Celebrities have been rocking sexy skirt sets all season long, and now the trend has arrived on the shelves of boutiques across the country.

Happy shopping!