The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will welcome a younger brother or sister for Prince George next year!

While the younger Cambridge sibling will most likely not become the future King or Queen of England, thanks to the long line of heirs already in place, being the “spare to the heir” is not all that bad! If we had to guess, we’d bet that Uncle Harry will help his future neice or nephew learn to love their less restrictive future as a royal with a few piece of advice that sound something like this:

1. Look, you may not realistically have a shot of being the future King or Queen but on the bright side, you’ll have more time to actually ENJOY all of that money and prestige!


2. Carve some time out to get involved with the causes you care about.

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3. Enjoy the fact that you get to choose a career that you’re passionate about.


4. Make time for your family. After all, who else is going to be able to understand what life is like as a British royal?


5. Make some mistakes! (And learn from them.) As the “spare to the heir”, everyone will give you a lot more wiggle room.