We recently spoke to the knowledgable owner of REFRESH organic facials & skincare, Jeanine Sackett, as well as her colleage, April McCaughey, as they shared expert tips to achieve younger, cleaner, and healthier looking skin, both inside and outside the spa:

At the spa:

  • Facials: REFRESH organic facials & skincare is making beautiful skin all-year-long more accessible than ever with their affordable facial membership programs. Treating yourself to monthly or seasonal facials packs some powerful benefits:
    • The anti-aging power of touch: Along with feeling amazing, facial massage is great for reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, hyper pigmentations such as sun spots, skin elasticity, and can even help with sinuses and lymph drainage.
    • Expert help to put your best face forward: Jeanine, the owner of REFRESH organic facials & skincare, originally began exploring facials because she suffered herself from rosacea, a chronic skin condition characterized by facial redness. She was told by her doctor that her only option would be medication, one that had quite a few nasty side effects. As a young woman, wanting to soon start a family, she thought there had to be a better way…she was right! This started her journey to find the right products and methods to help people with all skin types and conditions. Getting a facial regularly from a professional can be a huge benefit to the health of your skin. This is part of the reason that Jeanine has created her custom facial approach, to help her clients' specific skincare needs with the right products and services for them.
    • The importance of using the right products: While in school and dealing with her own skin issues, Jeanine made the decision to use organic products for her business:

“Working at a wellness center for 12 years, I've seen a lot of women who have been through cancer and the like, because of that we use products that are organic, paraben free, and have no unnatural preservatives. When it comes to organic versus not, you don't typically think about it until something happens to you.”

At REFRESH organic facials & skincare, they only use Hylunia products. Hylunia uses colloidal silver, a natural preservative, so it has a longer shelf life than most organic products. The best part is that while there is a major difference in price for organic products in the supermarket, the prices for an organic facial are comparable to the prices of one that is not organic.

“We don't like to push the products on our clients for home use but as a convenience, we do offer packages of travel sizes for purchase so that they can try them without committing to a full bottle.”

At home:

  • how-to-clean-cell-phoneClean your cell phone as often as possible.  Take a disinfecting wipe from the gym or while cleaning your counter and give your phone a once over.  This will help bacteria from getting onto your face from everything your phone touches throughout the day.
  • Change or wash your pillowcase regularly, at least twice a week.  Your face touches that fabric all night long, and if it is dirty then it will affect your skin over time. So keep it clean and the fresh scent might even help you sleep!
  • Beauty-Skin-Care-Essentials-5It’s all about the food.  It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway- eat your greens and drink lots of water! Did you know that you can use other foods to help your skin as well? For example, you can use vodka or apple cider vinegar as a toner and to help remove extra dirt and make up!
  • Beware of over exfoliation and use the right SPF.  Exfoliating has become very trendy and while it is good for you, beware of exfoliator overuse.  It should really only be done once or twice a week.  Make sure you are protecting that exfoliated skin with a strong SPF, at least 30, and  watch out for expiration dates.
  • Give yourself a facial massage.  If you are sitting down to watch the next episode of your favorite show why not wash your hands and grab some coconut or olive oil?  Give your self a facial massage with your finger tips moving in circles.  Focus on areas that tend to get wrinkles and fine lines and on those “parenthesis” around the mouth.  It's a simple and relaxing way to reduce those issues.