Everyday on Pinterest, millions of people “pin” gorgeous photos of their favorite outdoor spaces from around the world.  But what if we could stop pinning, and start doing? Whether your goal is to lounge, entertain, dine, or simply escape – creating the perfect outdoor space is easier than ever with the award-winning Eco-Chic Gardens. Owners Kimberly Lock and Ann Laughlin help their clients create sophisticated, sustainable,and healthy outdoor lifestyle spaces for living, working, and recreation.

Regardless of the size of your property – large or small – you have the power to personalize it. Do you dream of relaxing with a great book while breathing in the calming sent of lavender? Or perhaps gathering around a glowing firepit on a crisp fall evening? Maybe you envision hosting an intimate family dinner in a relaxing patio setting? It's time to quit daydreaming, and start building your dream outdoor space!

Now, you may be thinking, “Sounds great, but I don't even know where to start.”  Well, Eco-Chic has you covered. Take the first step to design your dream outdoor space today by filling out this simple questionnaire.

No matter what type of space you're working with, these talented ladies can work their magic. Recently, Eco-Chic took on an urban patio project in Philadelphia, transforming a small, cold city patio into an intimate, private recluse perfect for outdoor entertaining. From conceptualizing the design to ultimately providing their clients with their dream outdoor entertaining space, check out how Eco Chic Gardens brought the below design to life.




Eco-Chic approaches outdoor design with an emphasis on spatial sensibilities, incorporating planting palettes that help you to express your unique personality and outdoor lifestyle. Their boutique approach means they'll take the time to evaluate your existing space in order to create the perfect, unique design within each client's budget.

“We select plants that are correct the for culture of the space – right plant in the right place.”
– Ann Laughlin, Eco-Chic Gardens

When it comes to maintaining the space, they'll make sure you're set up with an environmentally-friendly plan.

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