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Dear Friend,
CONGRATULATIONS!  You have been named a winner or a finalist in the Happening List® competition.  We created this contest as a way to further our ‘love local’ mission.  You probably know this already, but it isn’t easy to win this contest.  For 6 weeks, locals in the community campaigned and voted for their most beloved businesses, people, events and organizations.  After the vote closed, a lengthy audit process took place, and, at the end, you have triumphed!  You should stand proud, knowing that your neighbors appreciate your passion and contributions to the community.
We are often asked why we keep the contest people’s choice rather than editorial or committee selection.   The reason is this:  we are here to represent the community.  While we may have our own personal favorites as locals who live here, we are are the megaphone for the community as a whole.  We happen to live in a corner of the world where local matters, and we feel proud to be able to contribute to that cause.  It is our job to use our platform to facilitate.
The work is over and now it’s time for the fun part.  We recognize the effort that it takes to not continue to strive for excellence in what you do, but to have that be recognized in the community that you serve.  For that reason, please take advantage of all of the opportunities we’ve created for you to celebrate and promote your win.
We feel honored to be afforded the opportunity to place this feather in your cap.  Cheers!
To your success,
Angela Giovine
Happenings Media

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