apparel_pageby Erin McNelis

This fall, fashion trends for men have some givens: a move to a darker color palette and heavier fabrics. But there are a few ways to update a wardrobe for fall and add a little fun and sophistication, as well. Whether a man chooses to follow a more classic approach to dressing or favors a more contemporary look, fall has some exciting trends that will spice up any wardrobe. After a few years of wild color trends, fashion has made its way back to blue. In many shades from sky to navy, blue is masculine, easy to wear, and men already own it. The blue blazer is a classic look. To make it more contemporary, (or historic) wear it with a turtle neck. Yes, they are back. Polo players began wearing turtle necks in the 1860s. Since World War II, the look has been associated with artists and philosophers. And currently, the turtle or roll neck looks great layered under a sports coat, in sweater form, or just by itself.

Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo named one of Vogue UKs best dressed of the week

Layered looks with navy outerwear & suede shoes landed Johannes Huebl & Olivia Palermo on Vogue's best dressed list

Layering is always fashionable in fall, and practical as well. Frank Ventresca, owner of Ventresca Ltd. in Doylestown, says that jewel tones are again popular this fall, but that doesn't mean that a person has to go out and buy a brightly colored coat or shirt. Using the jewel toned colors as accents makes it more subtle and more accessible for most people. He suggests using the brighter colors in belts, carves, a shirt or a sweater. “Most men won't wear bright blue, yellow or orange outerwear,” he explains. “But having those colors in a scarf or sweater is more practical.” To use the accent color to the full extent while layering, he suggests for example, taking one of the colors in a sport shirt worn under a blazer or sports coat, and wearing that color t-shirt under the sport shirt to pull the ensemble together.

Jeans are always in style, and much of the time, they are blue. For a nice but casual occasion, Ventresca suggests dress denim, which is darker and a little narrower in the leg and bottom than the dungarees you'd wear to mow the lawn or run errands. Casual shoes and shirt, dress denim, and a relaxed jacket create a sophisticated but still casual look.

Fabrics also get a overhaul this season. Look for cashmere, camel hair, vicuna, wool, and a flannel finish to replace the cooler and lighter fabrics of spring and summer. Suede shoes are a great way to update your look. Ventresca says that there are suede shoes made specifically for those who work on their feet all day that are made appropriate for a business casual atmosphere, where sneakers are inappropriate. “There are options for people who need to be comfortable and also professional,” says Ventresca. “And affordable, too.” For all of the latest looks of the season, follow Ventresca Ltd. on Facebook.