FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I need a detailed explanation of everything I get with an AccessPass.  Can you help me out?

Absolutely!  We are so proud of everything that you get when you get an AccessPass.  And just like Amazon prime, we plan to keep adding new features for our AccessPass holders.  Our AccessPass is 3-fold:  advertising, inside information/education, and experiential (that’s a fancy word for events).
1.  Advertising Benefits include:
  • Button Display Ad — Full Year.  Ad is button size (125 x 125 px – example below).  The ad will appear in rotation beneath every single article on the site in your primary territory, which you select when you sign up.  Ads are designed by you, and can changed throughout the year to promote different events, sales or seasons.  You may link your ad to click through the website of your choosing (your website, a specific page on your site, a social media page, a contest, etc).
  • Option to participate in every guide inclusion.  Readers have come to rely on our guides.  We do round-ups for all seasons and reasons.  Each guide placement includes 200 words, 1 link & one image.  A few weeks prior to each guide deadline, a Happenings team member will reach out to remind you to submit your information for inclusion.  If you have something to include, just send it to us and we take care of the rest.  If not, there is no obligation to participate in every single guide.  Here is a list of the guides you can participate with your AccessPass (plus we add new ones from time to time):  #LoveLocal Business Directory, New Year Resolution Solution Guide, Super Bowl Guide, Valentine’s Day Guide, Summer Camp Guide, St. Patrick’s Day Guide, , Mother’s Day Guide, Father’s Day Guide, Holiday Shopping Guide, Happening List Hall of Fame (must be Happening List Winners and Finalists to participate).
  • PLUS, DISCOUNTS! If you want to turbo boost your advertising and add on more products like social media blasts, monthly newsletters or a larger/more prominent banner ad, get 20%!

2.  Inside Information/Education Benefits include:

    • Access to private webinars and interviews.  Several times a year, our team will hold educational programs which will be available via webinar (fancy word for streaming on your computer or phone).  These webinars will be one-on-one interviews with successful locals, training seminars and other helpful info for you.  Playbacks will be available for later reference.
    • Annual white paper report.  Due to the nature of our work at Happenings, we have a  unique opportunity to see local trends, success stories and other knowledge that can help your business.  Once a year, we will put this all together for you in a tidy little package for you!

3.  Experiential Benefits include:

  • Insiders Club.  The Happenings Insiders Club is available to readers who want access to the best and most happening.  We invite them to fun private social events and special access at our big events.  They get surprise swag in the mail and access to private deals.  And a cool Insiders card.  AccessPass businesses will gain special access to our Insiders.  Invite them a special event at your business, or work this Happenings to co-host an event. Advertise a contest, deal or promotion to them.
  • 2 tickets to 1 Happening event of your choice.  Choose one of our big events to attend for free!!  Red Carpet Bash, Happenistas Night Out, or one of our new events (coming soon!)

Can I have some information about your site viewership?

Check out our most recent Media Kit here.

How long is my commitment?

If you sign up for month a monthly AccessPass, there are NO long term contracts or commitments.  If you sign up for an annual AccessPass, you are making a commitment of one year but you are gaining a savings of $189 per year.

If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes!  The Happenings team is available via email to assist all AccessPass customers.  Our team is small and mighty, conquering everything from the Happening List to covering everything going on in the area to working to promote hundreds of local businesses.  For that reason, email is our primary means of assistance for our club customers.

 If I cancel my AccessPass account, what do I lose?

When you cancel your account, you will no longer have access to any of the items in program.

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