Kangoo Shoes

Kangoo Shoes

Are you ready to embrace your inner child and jump back into shape?

“Kangoo Shoes” are just ilke new and improved set of moonbounce shoes straight out of your 1988 memories.  They go on like rollerblades, provide plenty of stability for your jumping safety, and give your workout the perfect bounce. The class also utilizes “Urban Rebounders” which are simply mini-trampolines.

Quick tip: Wear extra high socks to protect your shins from chafing

Way better than "moonbounce shoes"

Way better than “moonbounce shoes”!

Through constant movement (and I mean CONSTANT movement), the class targets all three zones of the body: core, lower body and upper body. The cardio reduces body fat while the bounces protect joints and strengthens muscles. The class was the perfect mix of fun with function, spicing up my normal workout routine but still kicking my butt!

Check it out for yourself: