This winter, the term “arctic blast” entered your vocabulary; you've been forced to adjust plans due to the weather more often than not; and you've shoveled more piles of snow than you care to remember…and it's only the beginning of February. For many, this time of year leads to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and uncomfortable skin conditions.

Rather than just daydreaming of sunny, warm spring days, Debbie Burns, owner of Island Sun Tanning for over 18 years, works to alleviate these conditions right here in Bucks County.  Her five local salon locations deliver the latest advancements in tanning and skin care. Winter blues melt away with treatments such as red-light therapy, both ultraviolet and sunless tanning, teeth whitening, heated infrared body wraps and skin-care products.

Health education is a top priority for Debbie, who is both an independent Nerium Brand Partner as well as a member of the Smart Tan Network, where she participates in continuing education courses, researches the latest skin-care information available, and introduces these new products as they enter the marketplace.

One topic close to Debbie's heart is Vitamin D Deficiency. Vitamin D is responsible for healthy immune systems, serotonin production and calcium absorption, and may offer many other health benefits. With winter weather forcing people indoors, limited sun exposure often leaves people feeling tired, sluggish, and sick. In fact, 35 million Americans reportedly suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during the winter, causing symptoms that include depression, mood swings, increased appetite and excessive sleeping.

“Sunlight emitted from a tanning bed (like from natural sunlight) is the only natural and most effective way for the body to make Vitamin D in the body. Supplements are just that…supplements,”  explains Debbie.  “It's what nature intended.  In fact, research has shown that boosting your Vitamin D will reduce a person's risk for certain cancers.”

“You are more prone to getting colds and viruses because your body is not able to protect you from germs,” she continues. “When optimized, you will be naturally protected and your energy levels will be greater.”

A study done by Boston University Medical School in 2004 showed that when comparing 50 participants who were tanning once a week with 106 control participants, those using the tanning bed had a 90 percent higher concentration of vitamin D than the control group.

In addition to providing a source of much-needed Vitamin D, tanning has been shown to provide relief to skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema.  Through both UV exposure and top-of-the-line all natural, vegan skin care products like the NeriumAD line carried by Island Sun, these uncomfortable skin conditions are being treated.

With still more snow storms in the forecast, Island Sun may be the oasis locals need to make it through winter 2014. Clients can visit locations in Bensalem, Neshaminy, Fairless Hills, Huntingdon Valley and Newtown.