One of the things we love most about covering local stories is uncovering those beautiful acts of kindness hiding each and every day in the cracks of communities across the country.

On February 17th, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day. Just a simple gesture can go a very long way. Get inspired with these ten awesome acts of kindness:

A parking official takes pity on a couple in Canada, captured by Reddit user SpaceMonkey9001.

College Hunk Moving Junk's Cesar Larios acts as a human chair when the elevator became stuck in Tampa, Florida.


Someone is paying it forward in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Dominic is known in Yardley, Pennsylania as the good-humored, often singing manager at a local Italian restaurant. Twice a year, Dominic gathers food donations at the restaurant and then pays out-of-pocket to travel to bring his delicious food and good spirit to orphans in Haiti.


A very generous person helps a neighbor in Washington, North Carolina.


Broward Wash House in Fort Lauderdale lends a helping hand to the unemployed.

Even actor Keanu Reeves is getting in on the good deeds. Check out him giving up his seat to a female passenger on a New York subway.

A good Samaritan helped a couple expecting a baby during Hurricane Sandy.

Sara Tucholsky of Western Oregon is up to bat against Central Washington. The video picks up as Tucholsky hits her first ever – in her life – home run. Just past 1st base, she tears a ligament in her knee and is unable to run any further. The umpires state that if her teammates or coaches assist her she will be declared out and if a pinch runner is substitued for her, her homer will be declared a single. Hearing this, Central Washington's Mallory Holtman and Liz Wallace offer to carry her around the bases. Thus ends Tucholsky's softball season and career.


New York Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo brought a barefoot homeless man a pair of new boots on a cold night.  Unbeknownst to DePrimo, a nearby tourist snapped a picture of the random act of kindness — and the photo quickly went viral.