The holiday season is a time of year that should be filled with happiness, but very often, it presents intense emotional challenges, especially for those struggling with low self-esteem and negative body image. Spending time with negative family members, squeezing into that holiday cocktail dresses, and snacking on high-calorie goodies are just a few of the challenges that can lead to a less-than-joyful holiday season. In fact, body image issues are more common that you may think – 78% of women spend over an hour a day in front of the mirror!

But what if next year could be different? What if a holiday gift this year could help deliver long-lasting joy and confidence?4_w304_h301_s1

People are taking control of their body image thanks to modern medicine. Two of the most impactful proceedures for improving self-confidence are breast implants and tummy tucks.

Help a young woman feel more feminine.  Return a mom to her pre-pregnancy-self-esteem. Fulfill the long-standing wish of a mature woman. A cosmetic proceedure can lead to major physical and emotional improvements.

We asked local experts Dr. Brian Buinewicz and Dr. Annie Buinewicz, the husband & wife powerhouse couple behind Bucks County's award-winning Buinewicz Plastic Surgery & Le Med Spa, to answer common questions about tummy tucksbreast augmentations, and other cosmetic surgery gifts popular during the holiday season:

Bucks Happening: The holidays are a time that can bring on intense emotions for those insecure with their looks. How can cosmetic surgery enhance someone's mental well-being?

Dr. Buinewicz: Poor body image can plague a person's well-being; cosmetic surgery empowers a person to change that – whether someone is fixated on a bump in their nose, a flat-chested woman is struggling to feel feminine, or a mother is self-conscious about excess abdominal skin and belly fat post-pregnancy.

Bucks Happening: So many people feel like they don't have the time for a cosmetic proceedure. How long does each proceedure take to recover from?

Dr. Buinewicz: Tummy tucks and breast augmentations have a 2 week recovery. Women will need help lifting young children, but patients can typically drive after 2 weeks.

Bucks Happening: It's essential for customers to feel 100% confident in the practice they chose. Why do you find locals are turning to you?


Dr. Brian Buinewicz & Dr. Annie Buinewicz

Dr. Buinewicz: They come to us based on our reputation, often by word-of-mouth, as well as our vast experience.  Dr. Buinewicz is a triple Board certified Plastic Surgeon and the Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Abington Memorial Hospital.

Bucks Happening: What can someone expect when they sign on for a cosmetic proceedure at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Buinewicz: We offer personal care – from the first phone call to treatment to the after care. Cosmetic procedures are performed only by licensed physicians with the exception of facials and peels, which are performed by our Aesthetician.

Bucks Happening:  What do you tell a patient who comes in ready to make a change but perhaps scared to pull the trigger?

Dr. Buinewicz: We tell them to wait until they are 100% sure and provide them with our direct emails for any follow-up questions. They can call anytime. No one should have a procedure unless they are truly sure and comfortable.

Bucks Happening: That's great advice. Can you tell us about a patient who experienced a major change in body image & self confidence?

Dr. Buinewicz: We had a 21 year old female that was very insecure due to her flat chest. She was going to graduate school and felt very uncomfortable giving formal presentations due to her appearance. After having a breast augmentation and completing her degree, her new self-confidence helped her land a high-powered job. She later told us that it was the confidence in her appearnace that had ultimately empowered her.

Bucks Happening: What is the best time of year for patients to undergo cosmetic proceedures?

Dr. Buinewicz: Fall through the early spring are the best times to have cosmetic surgery. There is no worry of sun exposure for healing scars, and patients will be fully healed in time to take advantage of warmer temperatures come late spring and summer.  In addition, for both higher education students and parents, they can avoid the busy “Back to School” season.

Bucks Happening: What other proceedures are you finding popular with patients?

Dr. Buinewicz: Overall, skin rejuvination is very popular with both men and women. Both full face lifts and newer non-surgical proceedures like Ulthera & Micro Needling with a Dermapen instrument help to lift and tighten the skin.

Bucks Happening: It sounds like there are many ways to give the gift of confidence! If someone is interested, what is their next step?

Dr. Buinewicz: Request a free consultation here or call us directly at our offices in Doylestown at (215) 230-4013 or Flemington at (908) 968-3529.