“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” – Luciano Pavarotti

It isn't often that a dining experience is truly that – an experience – but then again, The Pass in Rosemont, NJ isn't your typical restaurant. Having opened in 2013, Chef Matthew Ridgway and Chef Paul Mitchell's French roadhouse-inspired restaurant delivers a breath of fresh air to the Hunterdon County, New Jersey dining scene with imaginative, ever-changing menus.

Each week, Chef Ridgway & Mitchell invent a new menu featuring seasonal ingredients combined into one-of-a-kind dishes.  Unique offerings like Saffron Potato Migas, Quail Escabeche, and Snow Eggs with Lime Curd make The Pass a true culinary adventure, where diners learn to expect the unexpected.  A prix fixe of $38.50 covers an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Considering their Bring Your Own alcohol policy, dinner at The Pass is an affordable luxury for the local foodie. You can find more of their inventive dishes described in past menus, available on their website.

Despite the innovative culinary chops that one would expect to find in a swanky urban restaurant, The Pass maintains a friendly, neighborhood-vibe, featuring bare wood floors; colorful paint; and a vintage cold display box, all anchored by a take-out charcutier counter. On a cold Thursday evening, the tables were full of eager patrons tended to by an attentive, friendly, and knowledgable waitstaff (a requirement with a menu this complicated!).

Our table of four enjoyed a rich evening full of new flavors.  The three course prix fixe format encouraged sharing both food and thoughts about the many inventive dishes that passed through our table.

The best part? Each visit to The Pass will deliver a new set of delicious culinary adventures.

soft scrambled eggs

Soft scrambled eggs with saffron potato migas

Quial Escabeche with leek vinaigrette

grass fed brisket chopped steak mushroom diablo

Grass fed brisket chopped steak with mushroom diablo

warm spanish mackerel lox

Warm Spanish Mackerel Lox

 romaine ravioli  sweetbreads, braisag

Romaine ravioli with sweetbreads & braisag

Chicken pot au feu

Chicken pot au feu


buttermilk hangop  caramel lacte

Buttermilk hangop with caramel lacte

The Pass

Snow eggs with lime curd and candied citrus

mascapone and pear trifle  lady fingers and cocoa

Mascapone and pear trifle with lady fingers and cocoa


88 Kingwood Stockton Road
Rosemont, New Jersey 08556-1705