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Banner Ads

Best practices for creating incredible display advertising


AccessPass Basic

Location: Your banner ad lives in a rotation below all the articles on the site.
Size: Your ad should be 125 x 125 px.  Click here for a template.

AccessPass VIP

Location: Your banner ad lives in rotation on the sidebar of the site.
Size: Your ad should be 300 x 250 px.  Click here for a template.


We know that it's tempting to send us a jpg of your logo and call it a day.   We urge you:  don't do that!  Here's how to get the most out of your banner ad.  It will only take an additional 10-15 minutes of work to maximize your ROI (that's return on investment!)

  • Change your banner ad frequently.  Keep readers engaged and attracted to your ad by refreshing the image!  Promote your newest product or service, make a joke, draw attention to a special event… get creative!  

  • Make it eye-catching.  We highly recommend utilizing Canva to create quick and easy banner ads that are gorgeous. There are hundreds of free templates and images, or you can upload your own.  Plus, resize for social and other presets in one click.  Create static images, gifs, and videos. Canva has truly been a game-changer for our team. Did we mention they also have an app for your smart phone?

  • In order to reap the most rewards from display advertising, keep banner ads consistent with all marketing assets. Research shows that the average consumer needs to view a brand at least 7 times before he or she will be able to recall it. Help your future customers remember you by using consistent same colors, fonts & logos.

  • Add value!  How will what you’re selling provide a solution for your potential customer? This will truly grab their attention.

  • Less is more.  Banner ads tend to be relatively small, so you don't always have a lot of space to work with. Don't try to say too much; the ad may just end up looking cluttered. Instead, clearly communicate a single marketing message about a single product.   Minimize word count and focus on one eye-catching graphic.
  • Remember, this is cold traffic… treat them that way!  In other words, don't try to offer every service or product all at once.  Give them a “taste” and make is delicious, they will come back for more!